What makes me Business Partner?

I hear the ideas of all the people who are willing to start their business or have the spark to ignite the business economy because I believe an investment in knowledge pays the best interest.

Business is a form of a family that is always growing and it’s a relation; where we grow and build better energy and prosperity. Investing in business takes us on a path to choose in which direction do I need to go; because being a venture capitalist I want to get involved in the trends of the business markets to enter into the economy of the world and understand the audacity of it.

I always prefer to understand the idea and try to connect to the founders to understand the perspective of the idea and prefer to choose to be the partner instead of just an investor. Because business as an Investor is a role of a person who just looks over the things happening in the side of the business whereas the partner is the one who looks over the inside and the outside of the business. 

In lay man’s language, I consider an Investor as the sleeping partner of the company who behaves as a stockholder which feels that I have invested and the company will work on itself to grow the profits and share some with me. But in reality, I prefer to be the partner in the company which takes my decision as a valid point to be discussed. But that does not mean the investor is not beneficial for the company. Both are equally important it’s just we need to understand their respective roles.


There’s no shortage of remarkable ideas, what’s missing is the will to execute them.

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