Let’s delve into the lives of Plus 13, the individuals behind our driving purpose and gain valuable insight into their captivating personalities

who are we

A venture capital firm supported by astute asset-oriented investors recognized for their adeptness in generating substantial wealth.



Founder & MD

Plus 13 is a venture capital firm found to attract like-minded investors and innovative possibilities for diversification. Our methodology strives to optimize assets by reinvesting hedge fund earnings into varied alternatives, with a focus on diversification and long-term planning. We avoid being misled by market noise and short-term benefits by emphasizing patience and intelligent decision-making. We value informed decisions, saying “NO” to misaligned investments while remaining optimistic about opportune prospects. FOMO is not an issue because we believe in discovering the appropriate alternatives at the right time.



Renowned internationally, Indian women exhibit remarkable financial acumen, a fact exemplified by a woman raised in Dehradun with a vision as grand as the Himalayas. For 15 years, she has diligently evaluated the viability of various concepts. Commencing her career in design, she unknowingly laid the foundation for her current success, driven by creativity, enthusiasm for innovation, and a contemporary outlook. Our firm conviction in equality is mirrored in her journey. Our profound belief is that significant businesses are essentially significant ideas, with other elements falling into place eventually. Alongside her empathetic support for emerging entrepreneurs, she possesses a strong aptitude for mathematics.


“At WEAREPLUS13 our mission is two-fold, reflecting our commitment to both fostering innovation and cultivating enduring financial growth. As Venture Capitalists, we dedicate ourselves to nurturing the spark of ingenuity. We provide visionary entrepreneurs not only with capital but also with the mentorship, networks, and resources necessary to ignite their ideas into impactful ventures that reshape industries and society. Concurrently, as Asset-Based Investors, we recognize the power of tangible wealth-building. Our mission is to construct robust portfolios that stand as beacons of stability and potential. We strategically curate diversified investments across various asset classes, guided by our expertise and a steadfast dedication to securing our clients’ financial futures. Our overarching mission is to be the bridge that connects pioneering innovation with enduring prosperity. We thrive on fostering symbiotic relationships between innovation and assets, where both thrive and redefine possibilities.”


“The vision of WEAREPLUS13 encompasses a future that intertwines innovation and wealth creation in ways that uplift individuals, businesses, and economies. As Venture Capitalists, our vision is to be the vanguard of change, consistently identifying, nurturing, and supporting transformative ideas that challenge norms and drive progress. In parallel, our vision extends to asset-based investment excellence. We strive to be renowned for our mastery in constructing portfolios that are resilient and dynamic. We aim to set new standards in wealth preservation and growth, offering our clients a reliable path to financial security and prosperity. Ultimately, our vision is one where innovation and assets coalesce to propel society forward. We envision a landscape where entrepreneurs fearlessly innovate, backed by our unwavering support, and where individuals confidently navigate the realm of investments, empowered by our expertise and insights.”

What’s in the name?
+13 basically has two subsets ‘+’ and ‘13’

The concept of ‘Surplus’ and ‘Addition’ is fundamental to growth and success, embracing numbers, turnovers, profitability, technology, personnel training, and research. It focuses on resource supplementation for risk-taking enterprises.


The number 13 represents concentration, practicality, and a solid basis for the future. Despite its inventiveness, it pursues its objectives pragmatically and independently, seeking practical answers and making decisions on its own. It embodies characteristics such as ambition, tenacity, and persistence, and it frequently gains support for its goals.


The number 13 is significant because it is the birthdate of the visionary Late Shree Hiten Barot, who is still alive. The goal is to promote growth from a humble beginning to great achievements through mentorship and universal luck.