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Gujarat, india

In the intriguing chapters of Raj’s story, I discovered Svitch Bike—a manifestation of his unwavering passion and commitment to innovation. Beyond being a product, Svitch Bike embodies a lifestyle, a future-forward philosophy that resonates with the essence of a true entrepreneur. Raj’s narrative not only fascinated me personally but also sparked my investment curiosity, urging me to delve into the unique world of Svitch.

Svitch Bikes stands as India’s premier Foldable Electric Bike, a beacon of sustainability in the realm of transportation. It goes beyond the conventional, adding value to lives by championing health and fitness. Svitch Bikes beckons us to reevaluate our lifestyle choices and make a conscious shift towards a healthier and more sustainable existence. Join the Svitch movement—a harmonious blend of style, innovation, and wellness. Click the button now to explore the transformative journey with Svitch Bikes.



Welcoming Bitfinco to our illustrious investment portfolio, we proudly introduce a cutting-edge cryptocurrency exchange platform. Crafted with precision, Bitfinco stands as a beacon of secure and seamless online trading, offering a sanctuary for traders worldwide. Our commitment to providing a sophisticated and protected trading environment finds its pinnacle in Bitfinco—a platform that transcends geographical boundaries to redefine the future of online crypto trading.

Join us in embracing innovation, security, and global connectivity. Bitfinco is not merely an addition; it’s a testament to our dedication to pioneering advancements in the ever-evolving landscape of cryptocurrency. Explore the future of trading with confidence—explore Bitfinco.

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Gujarat, india

Embark on the future of packaging with Perfetto Packaging—an industry leader driven by a commitment to excellence. Vishal, our visionary, shared insights into the dynamic evolution of the packaging industry, emphasizing its expansive growth in both rigid and flexible packaging.

What caught my attention was Perfetto’s unwavering focus on polypropylene woven bags and sacks. Vishal’s confidence stems from the exceptional qualities of this material—it resists the wear and tear of weather, remains impervious to degradation in wet conditions, and stands resilient against rough handling. Moreover, these bags are designed for reusability.

Perfetto Packaging stands at the forefront of innovation, crafting Polypropylene Woven Bags and Sacks that redefine industry standards. Our products promise not only resistance to diverse weather conditions but also robust durability, offering a shield for your goods against the elements. If you seek packaging solutions that blend water resistance, weather protection, and rugged durability, look no further—contact Perfetto Packaging.


Gujarat, india

Indulge in sophistication and exclusivity at Infocity Clubs & Resorts—an enclave tailored for the discerning and refined. More than a mere destination for play, dining, and leisure, Infocity is a haven where ideas converge, and words find their place.

“Work on relaxation and work on self-satisfaction” is not just a mantra; it’s the ethos that defines the essence of Infocity. Designed to transcend the ordinary, Infocity Clubs & Resorts stands as a testament to the pursuit of enduring dreams. Here, the exchange of ideas is not an occasional celebration but a daily ritual—an ongoing journey marked by the pursuit of excellence.
Join us in a realm where every moment is an opportunity to chase and cheer for the extraordinary. Infocity Clubs & Resorts, where the extraordinary is not just a concept; it’s a lifestyle.

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Gujarat, india

Welcome to Suhan Realty, where the essence of real estate and renting transcends traditional boundaries. At Suhan Realty, our mission is to guide you effortlessly to the perfect piece of land, ensuring a seamless journey marked by simplicity in paperwork and uncompromised quality in construction. We believe in more than transactions; we believe in your well-being and delivering unparalleled excellence.

Choose to collaborate with a company that prioritizes your needs, cherishes your aspirations, and consistently delivers on the promise of superior quality. Suhan Realty is more than a real estate and renting business; it’s a commitment to your satisfaction, your dreams, and your future. Step into a world where your property endeavors meet premium service—step into Suhan Realty.

CSR 762

Gujarat, india

Recognizing the burgeoning market for electric bikes in India, Plus13 made a strategic investment in the CSR762, a powerful and stylish offering from Svitch MotoCorp. This e-bike, boasting a range of 160km and a top speed of 110km, resonated with the firm’s focus on sustainable and innovative transportation solutions. With this investment, Plus13 aims to accelerate the production and distribution of the CSR762, making it a more accessible option for environmentally conscious consumers.

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bull bell


Recognizing the growing demand for financial literacy in a digital age, Plus13 made a bold move, injecting capital into Bullbell Academy. This academy, known for its innovative approach to teaching the intricacies of Trading and Investing, resonated with the firm’s vision of empowering individuals through knowledge. With this investment, Plus13 aims to fuel the academy’s expansion, reaching more aspiring traders and democratizing access to valuable financial skills.